A Vase of Camellias, Geraniums, Dahlias, a White Peony, Roses, Poppies and other Flowers, with Fruit, 1845

By Franz Xaver Petter, Austrian, 1791-1866


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Franz Xaver Petter (1791-1866)

Oil Painting Reproduction on Canvas
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93.3 x 71.1 cm



Painting description

Franz Xaver Andreas Petter (23 October 1791 – 11 May 1866) was an Austrian artist. Petter was born in Lichtental; his father was a painter of porcelain, and it was intended that he should follow in the same profession, but Petter developed an interest in oil painting. He studied under Johann Baptist Drechsler at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Franz Xaver Petter was one of the most important still-life artists of the Biedermeier period in Vienna. He specialised in floral arrangements, and later arrangements of fruit, and landscapes with flowers, continuing the Dutch Golden Age flower still life depicting traditions. Petters pictures were very popular with the Austrian nobility.